Bluestacks Android Emulator – Play Android Games On PC – Offline Installer Download

Bluestacks App Player : Android has become a lot more functional, user friendly and interesting ever since it was launched a few years back. One of the most amazing advantage of owning an Android device is the library of a vast number ofAndroid applications on different categories that can be downloaded and used from the Google Play Store.However, to enjoy these interestingAndroid applications, you need an Android device. And there are even no specific Windows or Mac versions of popular Android applications.

Bluestacks Android Emulator

But, if you use a PC running Windows or Mac, then there is a possibility to run Android applications on your PC. This is achieved by using an Android emulating software named “BlueStacks”. This emulatorgives you a complete Android-like feel and also complete access to Google Play Store from your PC.

Bluestacks Android Emulator Review

Bluestacks is a free application that supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. And in Windows, it also supports all major Windows releases such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
BlueStacks is a simple yet effective Android emulator, that gives you numerous user friendly functionalities. Some of which are following:

* Syncing : Bluestacks adds an option named “Click Sync” which enables a user to send any Android app that he downloaded on their computer using Bluestacks to any of their Android device. However, a user cannot transfer apps from his Android device to the computer, which seems a bit like a disadvantage.

* Sharing: Bluestacks App Player allows users to take screenshots of their activities in Bluestacks offline installer and then share it to popular online social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

* Cloud Connect: Cloud Connect allows users to send app information, app updates, photos, text messages etc. from their Android device to the computer. For this, the user have to register to theBlueStacks software using his/her mobile number.

Run Android Applications on Computer

How To Install Bluestacks On Your Computer

If you’re looking out for a tutorial on how to install Bluestacks Android Emulator on a computer, then below is how you can do so:

* Download Bluestacks Android Emulator for your PC depending on your respective Operating System from .
* Install the .exe file that you downloaded from the Bluestacks website.
* After the installation process is completed, click on the shortcut icon for BlueStacks.
* This will load up the home screen of the Bluestacks App Player.
* Now, navigate to “My Apps” from the Bluestacks Offline Installer and then click on “Click Sync Setup”.
* Now, you can either login to your existing Google Account or create a new one so that you can start downloading apps from Google Play Store to your computer.
* Once you have linked your Google Account to the Bluestacks Emulator, its time to start enjoy Android apps on your computer.
* And for that, click on the “App Search” option from the Bluestacks Android Player software.
* And then type in the title for the respective application that you like to download and install.
* Bluestacks enables users to download and install apps from Google Play Store, Amazon Store as well as 1Mobile store.

Download Android Emulator

Finally, that was an easy review about Bluestacks and how to install Bluestacks offline version on a computer. However, you should always keep in mind that Bluestacks Player is not capable of running every Android application. Hence, at times you may face compatibility issues. But still, Bluestacks can help you run most of the popular Android apps on your computer.

Download Instagram for PC to Upload Photos / Videos to Instagram From PC

Instagram For PC: There is hardly any person that has not heard about this awesome application which is owned by Facebook. Instagram is a king of social networking service that is mainly used by the users to share photos with each other. The application also allows you to share your own photographs apart from your Facebook photographs. Recently they also launched ” Instagram Video ” which allows users to upload video to Instagram with duration of 15 Seconds.The Instagram application also offers you the facility to add different and cool effects to your photographs which make them look a lot better than before. The Instagram application was developed by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systorm in October 2010. Since then the application have become very popular among the smartphone users. Now people want to use Instagram on PC, so that we came up with a method to use Instagram for PC.Instagram has got even more that 100 million users which is an extraordinary achievement for any application. You can enjoy this app on your smartphone, but if you do not have a smartphone you need not to worry about anything because now you can use Instagram application on your PC too. For uploading pictures you can use your Webcam also. You need to follow the simple steps given below to run Instagram on Computer.

Download Instagram for PC

Steps for downloading Instagram For Computer

Step 1: The first thing you would require is an android emulator to run the android applications on your PC. There are many Android emulators that are available in the internet for running android apps like IntelAppUp, YouWave or BlueStacks. The best emulator among the three is BlueStacks. Download the BlueStack software on your PC and install it. Compatible Operating Systems for this Android Emulator are Windows XP , Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and MAC OS.

Step 2: Now after setting up the BlueStacks we require the Instagram application to operate on it. You can do this by two methods. The Very first way is to download the Instagram application file directly from the internet. To do this you need to simply lookup for “Instagram .apk” files in Google and save it on your disk drive.

Instagram PC

To install Instagram using this “.apk” file you will need to locate that file, right click on it and select the choice “Open with”. There after a dialogue box will appear on the screen which will be showing you different programs which you can pick to run the .apk file. Select BlueStacks option from the list and click “OK”.

How to Use Instagram Application on PC or Laptop

Following that BlueStacks will begin and Instagram will be immediately start installing. In case you are not comfortable with the first process it is possible to download the application alternatively using BlueStacks. To do this you will need a working connection to the internet. You just have to start BlueStacks software and search Instagram.

Once you find the game in the search result, all you have to do is simply click on it and install it. After this the software will begin downloading and will be installed after the downloading has finished.

Use Instagram on Computer

Step 3: After this Instagram will successfully install on your PC which could be started anytime from the Icon on the BlueStack’s home screen. After installing you just need to register yourself on the Instagram server by providing your email id or Facebook id which will create your account in Instagram. And every time you need to login when you use Instagram on PC.

Instagram For PC

And that is all about downloading and installing Instagram For PC, now you can upload, share and add effects to all your images as you do it on your Smartphone. You can use the Instagram on Windows XP , Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and MAC OS. Hope you are running Instagram for Computereasily.

Now you can easily upload Images to Instagram from PC or say upload Video to Instagram from PC after setting up as per our guide. If you are still facing any issue while downloading Instagram For PC and using it, then let us know via commenting. We will solve your issues and will help to run your favoriteInstagram on Computer.

Bus Simulator 2015 For Pc Download

Bus Simulator for PC

Bus Simulator 2015 for PC is a fan made version of the very popular Bus Simulator 2015 for both Android. But that doesn’t mean that it is different from the mobile version. Bus Simulator 2015 can be played by going to the website Bus Simulator 2015 for PC is not a downloadable game, that you need to download in order to play, as it is completely web based. It also means that it can be played on any operating system which supports flash including Mac OS X, Linux and even Chromebooks. The load times is a little on the higher side but once everything loads up, you become a bus driver successfully. (Please note that load times totally depends on the internet speed that you have).

bus simulator

Modes to Play

Much like the mobile version, in Bus Simulator 2015 for PC, you get three modes to play, “Career”, “Free Ride” and “Multiplayer”.

Career Mode

In Bus Simulator 2015 for PC, if you play in the career mode, you can choose from a wide variety of buses and levels but aren’t allowed to set weather conditions. You also need to complete levels in Career Mode in order to unlock premium buses and other playable locations.

Free Ride Mode

As the name suggests, you can customize freely in the “Free Ride” Mode. You can choose between the weather conditions, day or night shift and the map as well. But you need to unlock buses in the Career Mode in order to use them in the Free Ride Mode.

Multiplayer Mode

The Multiplayer Mode allows to play with other players across the internet. Please note, that the performance during the Multiplayer mode completely depends on your internet speed.

How to control?

In order to control the bus in Bus Simulator 2015 for PC, you need to use your keyboard. In the PC version, you don’t have touch controls even if you have a touch screen. But, you can still tweak with the sensitivity bar in order to get the best and safe experience while driving the bus.

Google Play Games doesn’t work for this version which also means that there is no achievements or leaderboards to keep a track of your friends and other players all over the world.


Overall, Bus Simulator 2015 for PC is a very enjoyable game. Having keyboard controls also bring back the PC gaming experience and gives more flexibility to the controls than what is found on Android. This game is not only made for people who wants to get a virtual experience of driving a bus, but for everyone to enjoy. An addictive game for 2015, which I recommend to have a try.