Best Free Messaging Apps for Android Phones 2019

Today we are going to discus about Best Free Messaging Apps for Android Phones for the year 2019. By these applications (messaging Applications) users can easily send and receive messages as well as make free video and voice calls also allows user to transfer and receive media files i.e. images, documents, voice notes and many other things. we select these following messaging applications for android users:-

Best Free Messaging Apps for Android Phones 2019

Best Free Messaging Apps for Android Phones 2019
Best Free Messaging Apps for Android Phones 2019

1: Facebook Messenger 

Eagerly trailing WhatsApp is the Facebook Messenger. As the name proposes, it was in truth made by and is guaranteed by Facebook Incorporated. It parades 1.4 billion unique customers as of December 2017.It is from time to time acquainted with 87.5 percent of all accessible Android contraptions. It has a selection of portions that is presently still in beta version.

This educating application engages two Facebook customers to talk, exchange archives and photos, make video calls, and even send each other texts. It doesn't require the supporters of offer their telephone contacts as each customer signs in with his Facebook username.

2: IMO 

Splendidly near other enormous content names like Yahoo, IMO backings and capacities!, AIM, Facebook Chat, Google Talk and MSN Messenger. It basically allows you to talk instantly with all of your contacts in the recently referenced individual to individual correspondence goals. This extras you a ton of time and effort as it absolves you from the need to sign in to those areas autonomously.

Notwithstanding sending and getting writings, the application additionally offers clients the chance to make and get video and voice calls to no end! Before the finish of 2017, the application was downloaded 500 million times, particularly by more youthful youth.

3: WhatsApp 

Whatsapp is maybe the leader of adaptable applications for data. It was commonly made by Brian Acton and Jan Kuom. The application was expected control by Facebook Inc. in February 2014. It eventually brags of over 1.5 billion outright customers who are spread out in excess of 180 countries. It is moreover visited by 450 million customers month to month and 315 million customers consistently. 

The application basically offers clients the chance to send writings to one another, make video and voice calls and send free texts to different features. It has a portion decision which, at this moment, is limited to India alone. This is the WhatsApp Pay incorporate. All of the trades are set up by the Unified Payments Interface.

 4: Viber 

Viber was Built up in 2003, this social talking application bears a couple of similarities with most other adaptable illuminating applications. It is cross-arrange in that it can work splendidly over a couple of working structures and stages. Cases of these are iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux, and MacOS. It had a bewildering 980 million selected customers worldwide as of the year-completed 2017.

Beside just talking, the application in like manner enables its customers to make phone calls to each other, totally free! Other than that, it moreover enables customers to exchange media - like pictures and video records. It has no portion phase of its own.

5: WeChat 

WeChat stands isolated from the best advising applications in that it starts from the most unimaginable region - China. It had around 963 million unique clients month to month before the finish of 2017. It is basically a social visiting gadget that offers its clients a chance to converse with their friends without reservation.. It similarly has a friend pioneer gadget which enables you to pursue the region of your contacts by methods for the GPRS value.

It bolsters an extent of portion options. These incorporate into App Native Payments, QR Code, Quick Pay and Web-situated In-App. It brings its clients the most outrageous solace thusly.

6: Snapchat 

In sharp multifaceted nature to other convenient educating applications, Snapchat is media. This basically suggests it handles and trades records of various designs and types. It allows customers to talk in a brief instant, share records and photos, and hold live video conferencing, among others.

It had a shocking 187 million consistently customers as of the completion of 2017. It is also open in 22 tongues and is dominatingly notable among North American and European teenagers.

Other than sending each other messages, the application moreover empowers customers to send money to one another. The money is given off by usage of Square Cash's email portion organize.

7: Kakaotalk 

This free convenient content application for cell phones closes down our summary of the best adaptable data applications. With a totally little customer base of essentially 49.7 million10, this application is generally compelled to South Korea and a great deal of Asia. It has a splendid future anyway as a consistently expanding number of people are predicted to download it later on.

The application is stacked with free substance and features with the expectation of complimentary calling. It likewise works outstandingly on MacOS, Bada OS, Android OS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows and Nokia Asha.

It also joins KakaoPay which essentially empowers customers to pay for explicit things electronic using their KakaoTalk account. It furthermore empowers customers to safely trade money to their different budgetary parity from their Kakaotalk talk. They do this without basically using any of their approval support or one-time-mystery express (OTP).

8: Telegram 

This Russian-made messaging application is cloud-based. This equitable suggests it stores all of the dialogs, records, and data in a cloud. It from that point on benefits this data to its customers paying little personality to their accurate territories on the globe. It enables its customers to send writings, exchange photos, records, chronicles, sound, and stickers.

At the present time, it has 180 million powerful customers thoroughly. Varieties with various working structures and stages are useful for the application. These incorporate iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows Phone, Linux and NT.

It in like manner has a portion elective. This option basically goes about as a go between the end customer payer, the bot engineer, and their favored portion arrange.

9: Line 

Not in the least like most other flexible advising applications that are constrained to mobile phones, Line obliges a couple of equipment. It can work outstandingly by methods for cellphones, PCs, PCs, tablets, and PDAs. It is in vain out of pocket and bearings a working customer base of around 217 million people. It is generally restricted to Asia be that as it may.

With this application, customers can visit; make meeting voice and video calls, exchange photos and stickers, and even play redirections! It has a portion arrange called LINE Pay. This gives an ensured and dependable portion organization.

10: KIK 

Made by the Canadian association, KIK Interactive, this item is a freeware messaging convenient application. It is available to no end out of pocket by methods for the iOS and Android working structures. It is in like manner permitted to function as it utilizes your phone's data plan or the Wi-Fi accessibility to send and get adaptable site pages, writings, accounts, photos, and draws.

It had 300 million unique clients in 2017. It is especially notable among US teenagers. The application pushed its very own propelled cash called Kin. With this cash, customers will probably acquire and buy things from inside the application. 


Compact applications for Android Phones and iOS are in actuality delving in for the whole deal. Moreover, they furthermore accept an earnest occupation in improving how we partner with and share with people encompassing us. You can't remain using any and all means to slight them; not when you guarantee a cell phone. 

Accordingly, you have to strive to download and present something like one of the free convenient advising applications. The 10 best free flexible educating applications we have recognized and surveyed above will administer speaking give you the truly essential starting stage.

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